Optics On Stock

If you do not have the patience for the 6 months delivery time of LOMO you may want to have a look on this page. Below are optics listed that we have on stock. We are trying to update this page regulary, but please call us to check this list if you are interested in a certain position.

diameter manufacturer focal lenght material

surface accuracy

documents price
200 Parabol LOMO 1000mm Sitall <=L/16 Interferogramm $935
200 Parabol LOMO 1200mm Quarz <=L/16 Interferogramm $935
200 Parabol LOMO 1399mm Sitall <=L/16 Interferogramm $982
380 Parabol LOMO 1750 Sitall <=L/16 Interferogramm $4000

The prices include 16% german tax. If you are ordering from USA or another country from outside the european community you will not have to pay the tax.