80cm Telescope in Brittheim Rosenfeld

This telescope has been installed in Brittheim, a small town near Rosenfeld south of Stuttgart.

The telescope can be used in the secondary focus at f/10 and in the prime focus at f/3.


The Observatory is one of the best places we have in Germany and we had incredible seeing conditions during our first test images.

There are 4 domes where different kind of telescopes will be installed and they have also installed a radio telescope.

More info about this beautifull observatory here:


Tracking and Resolution report measured with the 80cm Telescope Brittheim in f/3.3 Primefocus

 A total of 12 Luminance Exposures have been made with an exposure time of 2m each. There was no active tracking (autoguiding) used during the exposures.

One time, the telescope had been moved to focus and repositioned on the object so the tracking report is divided in 2 parts (A and B).

The focal length in prime focus is 2664mm, we used a ST10XME (6.8 micron Pixel size).


The RMS Tracking Error is (RA=0.54, DE=0.06) arc seconds for Part A (during 13 minutes) of the measurement and (RA=0.34, DE=0.06) arc seconds for Part B (during 9 minutes).

The FWHM star diameter is as good as it can get in optimum seeing conditions in Germany and shows that none of the exposures had any tracking problem during the unguided 2 minutes of exposure time.

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